#Recipe: Tarragon Skillet Chicken and Potatoes

Are you looking for a yummy chicken dinner recipe to cook up for your family?  Perhaps you are having guests over for a dinner party.  Whatever your plans are, this chicken recipe will be perfect!   I was given this recipe by a friend so I didn't have an original photo to use to display this particular recipe.   In order to give you a peek of perpared Tarragon Chicken, I grabbed the image above from ribbitsandtiaras.com You will need: One … [Read more...]

Ways To Save Money On Food

Food is a necessary evil and a love at the same time, which means you MUST spend money on it.  There are small ways around spending so much money on food, and we should all take advantage of that if we can. If you are one of those people who absolutely need some caffeine every morning on the way to work, no shame – we all need that extra boost, substitute coffee for those expensive coffee drinks.  By saving $2 a day on those drinks by buying a … [Read more...]

7 Preparation Tips For Christmas Day

It never fails, I always forget something and then end up running to the store late Christmas Eve Night.  This year, I am making a checklist that should cut down on my Christmas Day Stress. 1.  Plenty of batteries for toys / electronics 2.  Planned meals for the day 3.  Charge camcorder 4.  Blank camcorder disks 5.  If possible, charge large toys before wrapping them 6.  Clear camera cards to  make space for new pictures 7.  Have camera … [Read more...]