Tips For Fitbit Users

I am addicted to wearing my Fitbit.  I have owned the Flex and the Charge models and am sold on the Charge since I find the band to be more reliable than that of the Flex model.  Several times while wearing the Flex, my band snapped off, but my Fitbit Charge band always stays in place and on my arm. Charging The Fitbit I have a Fitbit charger in my bathroom and I charge my Fitbit each time I get into the shower.  That keeps me from wearing … [Read more...]

Need Weight Loss Motivation?

Are you looking for weight loss motivation? Do you want to work out but need a little help getting started?  Are you a competitive person?  If so, I suggest that you look into the Fitbit step tracking bracelet.  This bracelet counts your steps and allows you to challenge other Fitbit users to a daily challenge, a weekday challenge, a weekend challenge and a goal day challenge.  Each challenge can hold up to ten people and each Fitbit user can be … [Read more...]

Tips: Get Pumped for Your Workout

Getting the recommended amount of exercise can feel like a chore most days.  Around workout time your bed can start to look extra fluffy, your TV show extra interesting, your eyelids extra droopy, and it’s all too easy to say “I’ll do it tomorrow.” However 99% of the time you will not regret a workout!  All you need is a little extra motivation to take the first step, and here are some tips on getting yourself pumped to workout: First, putting … [Read more...]