How To Prepare For A Quick Move

Did you buy a house and end up with a great closing date? You know the kind; one month away, plenty of time to pack up and get everything ready to go. If so, GREAT! What happens if you get an email from your realtor saying you actually have ONE WEEK until you close on your new home?! Woah, going from one month to one week is a huge deal! Are you ready? Let me talk to you about it. The first thing you need to do is panic. JUST KIDDING! Get some … [Read more...]

Moving with Children Made Easy

Enjoy the following guest post "Moving with Children Made Easy" which was sent in by Kathryn Thompson. Moving house isn’t easy at the best of times with all the forms to sign, the agents to deal with, the endless admin, the spiraling costs and of course the removal firm you choose.  But when you add children to the mix you open up a whole new can of worms and it becomes a very different ball game.  You get the constant barrage of … [Read more...]

Summer Moves Call For Great Moving Companies

We moved to our present home a few years ago.  We were only moving 15 minutes down the road, but had really wanted out of our previous neighborhood so we took the plunge.  It is so hot here in Texas and moving in June is just asking for it!  I wanted to save money on our move, so I began hunting down moving boxes a month or so before it was time to move.  The local stores were holding them for me and then contacted me to pick them up when they … [Read more...]