Are You A Busy Parent – Need A Nanny?

Are you a mother or father who has a very busy schedule and have trouble keeping up with the housework, the groceries, the laundry, and sporting events, etc.? Have you ever considered looking into hiring a nanny? If not, you might want to consider it! A nanny is a highly experienced person who primarily takes care of your child or children. You may get lucky and find one who also helps around the house with some light chores! Some nannies live … [Read more...]

Need A Sitter, Check Out This Guest Post

Getting time to my husband and myself is harder now that we have kids. I love my kids so much but just sometimes I would like some time to spend with my partner… alone! I’ve thought about hiring a baby sitter or nanny to watch and mind them but I just don’t really like leaving my children with a stranger, ESPECIALLY when I’m not there. I’ve played with the idea a lot  and here are some things I’ve learned that could help you as well if you wanted … [Read more...]