Norwex Stain Remover Lifted Ink Pen From Jeans!

My husband came home from work with the above ink pen stain on his jeans.  I figured the stain couldn't be removed since ink pen stains aren't my specialty.  I started selling Norwex awhile back and had someone tell me how impressed they were with the stain remover so I set the jeans aside and ordered the Norwex stain remover so I could give it a try.  Of course the directions said to work on the stain while it was fresh and I had set these jeans … [Read more...]

5 Little Steps to Using Fewer Chemicals

There are a lot of things that we hear are bad for us these days (gluten? lactose? I’m never giving up grilled cheeses) and not all chemicals are bad, we are made of chemicals! However the production and use of synthetic chemicals is dangerous for ourselves and our environment in a wide variety of ways, not least of which being plastics which we use for food storage that mimic the hormone estrogen, and then fill landfills when they’re thrown … [Read more...]