Saving Money & Looking Great With VSP #SeeMuchMore

Your children need their eyes checked at least once a year—even before they are old enough to go to school!  The sooner any problems are found, the quicker a solution.  If you personally have vision problems, that’s even more reason to take your children to see an eye doctor as soon as they are old enough.  It is not easy to tell if a child just is not ready or really can’t see well enough to read, or have other problems such as weak eye muscles … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Best and Worst Eye Healthy Cities For Kids

Enjoy the following guest post:  VSP Vision Care Reveals:  Best and Worst Eye Healthy Cities for Kids written by William Bogus, OD, FAAO, VSP Vision Care Optometrist, Salt Lake City.  For more information about children’s eye health, visit As parents, we always strive to protect our children’s health.  We protect their shins when they play soccer, their skin when they’re on the beach, and we never skip out on annual wellness … [Read more...]