Essentials Needed During a Moving Situation

Buying a home can be a very good experience, but it is not without its fair amount of stress. There are a number of things you have to consider when trying to get in your new home and among the most important is getting moved.  Most people hate the idea of moving due to the amount of work and stress involved.  In order to get moved successfully, you will have to make sure you have all of your proverbial ducks in a row.  The following are a few … [Read more...]

De-Clutter Your Cabinets

Do your cabinets look anything like the image above?  This is what my bottom cabinets inside my kitchen island have turned into over the years.  There is so much stuff in there that I rarely open the doors to them.  This is just sad because my kitchen is lacking in cabinet space and it looks like my disorganization and love for keeping everything has caused this.  We are remodeling our kitchen soon because our cabinets are slowing falling apart … [Read more...]

Thank Goodness I Read A De-Cluttering Book!

Does this bedroom closet look familiar to you?  My closet keeps getting worse and worse as time goes by.  I have boxes of items that have no place to be stored so I keep them in the guest room.  When guests are coming, those extra boxes always get hidden in my closet and this happens!  My problem is that I hate to part with anything in thoughts that I may need it later.  See the boxes at the top of my closet?  I sold Avon 13 years ago and have … [Read more...]

Start Small To Reduce Stress During De-Cluttering

Getting rid of unwanted or extra items in your home can be overwhelming!  I personally have a hard time tossing things out, but this is a task that must be done to ensure that I have the room that I need to store the necessary items in our home.  One area in our home that needed "de-cluttering" was my bookshelf.  It had so many books between my husband and I, that the books were stacked every which way without homes for all of them.  Many of … [Read more...]

De-Cluttering Your Home: Bathroom

The bathroom is a sticky area to clean out and de-clutter because everyone has his or her own “stuff” in there.   If everyone follows these tips, though, the bathroom will be less full and look a lot neater and more organized! Towels:  You should have one towel per person and a couple guest towels.  If you are only using your towel for a few minutes per day to wipe water off of a clean body, there is no need to wash it daily or throw it in … [Read more...]

De-cluttering Your Home: Bedroom

De-cluttering can be overwhelming!  Are you looking for ways to de-clutter your home and get rid of items you don’t really need?  Are you having a hard time deciding on what to actually get rid of?  I have a list of items that are most likely duplicates, and you won’t miss them once you toss them because you have more than one! Here’s part 1: Your bedroom Pillows:  Throw pillows are normally all over your home and all over your bed.  We … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Christmas Decor Saves Time

I love the Christmas decorations, but each year I dread putting everything back up in the attic.  It makes a huge mess and takes a long time.  This year I spent a little extra time organizing my Christmas decorations as I put them away so that next year I'll be more organized when it comes time to decorate our home for Christmas again. Hopefully you've had time to get your Christmas decorations put up for the year, but if you're household is … [Read more...]

Holiday Clean Up Tips

Gift giving is now over and time for the dreaded holiday clean up that follows Christmas festivities.  Now is the perfect time to clean out your cabinets, closets, etc. to make room for your new items.  As you make space for your new items, keep others in mind.  It may be easier to pitch your old belongings in the trash, but it is always best to donate items that could be put to further use by someone else. This Christmas I received a new … [Read more...]