Invisalign…Is It For You?

My son just turned sixteen and was dead set against getting braces so we decided to go the Invisalign route.  In terms of pricing, the Invisalign trays were cheaper than traditional braces.  We ordered them and returned to get the first trays put on a few weeks later.  We were given eight packs of trays and instructed to keep all the trays and change them out for the next set of trays each Friday.  At the end of the eight trays, Travis will … [Read more...]

Will Your Child Need Braces?

For the last few years, we've known that my oldest son will have to get braces.  We're just waiting for him to lose his baby teeth before moving forward.  Even though he has a great children's dentist, he has a fear of the dentist and says he is not getting braces unless they put him to sleep while they put them on.  I doubt that is going to happen, but there is no reason to upset him any more than we have to until the time comes to meet the … [Read more...]

Are You A Candidate For Invisalign?

  Back in the 1980's, my parents took me to an orthodontist for braces.  I had a mouth full of teeth, so I had to have a few pulled out before the braces went on, which was a major ordeal for me.  I grew up with a horrible fear of the dentist and would make myself throw up during my teeth cleaning so the dentist would give up and let me go home.  Looking back on this, I can only laugh, but also think of how embarrased my mother had to … [Read more...]