Pediatric Dentists Put Kids At Ease

I wish I would've had a dentist like this when I was a little girl.  I was so afraid of my dentist and made myself absolutely sick each time I had to go for a check up.  Check out my boys' pediatric dentist, all the kids can go at once!  Have a look at the ceiling, you will see a mounted television which makes it possible for the kids to watch television throughout their dentist appointment.   My boys never take this option, but there are always … [Read more...]

Moms Love to See Those Smiles

As any mother can tell you, seeing her child smile at just about anything will make her day.  Whether it is actually being that student who doesn’t cry when getting on the school bus for the first time, the kid who lets out a big smile over their first big Little League hit or the youngster who shows those teeth when getting their first pet, a child’s smile is priceless. With that in mind, many moms make it a point to make sure their precious … [Read more...]

Does Your Child See A Pediatric Dentist?

As a child, I hated trips to the dentist and would make myself sick while in the dentist chair .  The dentist would give in and send me home.  The only drawback to this plan, was that I had to reschedule to get the other half of my teeth cleaned, which meant another dreaded trip to the dentist.  I don't make myself sick anymore while at the dentist, but do find myself dreading my appointment. When it was time for my child's first dentist … [Read more...]