Instill The Love Of Fitness In Your Children

If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you will know that I frequent the gym throughout the week.  I see a personal trainer one day, and go to group workout classes twice a week.  My 13 year old also works out a few times a week to prepare him for next year’s school basketball tryouts.  My 7 year old has also found a “speed” workout class.  He goes to SAQS (Speed, Agility, Quickness, Strength) classes twice a week.  He is so happy to have … [Read more...]

Walking To Prepare For Vacation

This summer my family and I plan on doing a lot of walking at theme parks and I am afraid that I may not be able to "hang" with everyone like I did before my knee surgery last year.  I workout on a weekly basis to work my knee and also see a personal trainer who sees to it that I continue to work on strengthening those leg muscles.  I have been talking to her about my fear of not being able to keep up with my family while on vacation and she has … [Read more...]

Treat Yourself To A Fun Workout

Earlier this week, I posted two recipes, one for orange sherbert punch and the other for cookies.  Can you tell what is on my mind?  I am trying SO hard to kick this over eating habit that I picked up over the holidays and it is so hard to cut down your food consumption once you start treating yourself on a daily basis! Yesterday I hopped on the elliptical,  worked on my new suspension training gear and watched what I ate.  This morning I had … [Read more...]

What Is Your Favorite Workout Music?

I have never been one to carry around music with me.  When I go to the gym I like the group interactive classes and they always play music throughout the classes.  Now that I have had this knee surgery, I am not fast enough or strong enough in my left leg to participate in the classes that I love - Zumba, body pump & step.  I have a personal trainer that is working with me to get me back to speed again.  I see her two days a week and then I … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Join A Health Club

I am a member of the local YMCA and am currently using this facility to rehabilitate my knee after my surgery which was just four months ago.  I have a personal trainer, who is also a therapist.  I have just started training with her and she is using suspension training to re-strengthen my leg muscles.  With this said, I am pro-health club and couldn't pass up this guest post when it came through my email.  Enjoy!   Reasons Why You … [Read more...]

Make The Effects Of Knee Surgery A Thing Of the Past

It has been 4 months now since my knee surgery and I went to see my doctor Tuesday.  I was dreading the visit, since I thought he would fuss at me because I don't feel like I am "fixed" and still walk with a limp.  To my surprise, he told me that I was right on track and it was time for me to move on to a personal trainer and away from my physical therapist.  Yesterday was my first day with Ruth, my personal trainer at the YMCA.  She introduced … [Read more...]