Hotel Must-Haves With Kids

This past summer, we went to a basketball tournament with my teenage son's basketball team and stayed in a hotel in downtown Dallas.  Someone from the team locked down group rates for the parents, so we booked our room.  Once we got there, we realized that this was not the type of hotel that we had hoped for.  As a mom of a young child, we still look for "fun" hotels.  The parents that chose this hotel didn't have younger children and thought … [Read more...]

Snake in the Pool!

One morning, I stepped out on the back porch, looked into the pool and saw a frog swimming across the water.  Then, I also saw a baby snake in the pool as well.  We have lived here for a few years and I have NEVER seen a snake in the pool so I had decided that they didn't like the salt water and that I didn't have to worry about ever seeing one in our pool.  Guess I was wrong on that salt water assumption!  Instead of trying to get the snake out … [Read more...]

I Found The Perfect “Dog” Children’s Book

Today I went to the school's Scholastic Book Fair with my youngest.  We browsed the books and found a few really fun ones that we purchased after browsing tons of books.  My 7 year old son doesn't really enjoy reading, so when we find a "fun book opportunity" I make sure to jump on it!  He was so excited about his new books that we came straight home and read one of them and then read more before bedtime. I had to share one of these books with … [Read more...]

Opossum Prank

My neighbor saw my Opossum In The pool post and had an idea for a great prank for her husband.  She enlarged the opossum picture on her cell phone and went running to her husband to show him what she had found in her pool.  Of course, he went outside to the pool to track down the critter in the water.  Well, no matter how hard her searched, there was no opossum to be found.  She got a kick out of this and told  me about it.  I saw her husband the … [Read more...]

Opossum In The Pool

Opossum's LOVE our house! Did you catch my post about the opossum that died in our kitchen wall? The opossum's like to eat dog food, so we bring Dakota's dog food in at night, but sometimes they beat me to the back door to eat it before I can bring it in.  This weekend the dog was having a fit to get outside.  I let her out and then went out to check on her.  She had chased the opossum into the pool and he was sitting on the top … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Introduce Swimming Lessons At Home

Best ways to introduce swimming lessons early at home Swimming is a useful skill that’s best learned at a young age. That’s because water is a fascinating element. Even babies and toddlers are not immune to its attraction, and this can present a safety issue. Fortunately, even very young children can be taught to swim. With the proper instruction, young children can become adept enough in the water to keep themselves safe. As interesting as … [Read more...]

My Kids Want A Swingset, Do Yours?

Our last home had a giant swingset or play structure in the backyard.  My son was four and loved to play on it.  We lived there for a few years and decided to move to the other side of town.  My husband really wanted a pool and started looking at only those homes that came with a pool because we figured it would be much cheaper and less trouble to buy a home with a pool than to start from scratch and have a pool put in.  Since we live in Texas … [Read more...]