Does Becoming A Mom Sound Good To You?

 How long have you dreamed of becoming a mom? For some women, the urge to have a child has been something they have carried with them for years.  Others, meantime, have found the desire to bring a new life into this world more recently.  What many of those women have in common is the inability to conceive a child. That inability can be for myriad of reasons, with infertility oftentimes being one of them.  With that being the case, is a … [Read more...]

Maintaining a Healthy Pregnancy with Diabetes

The International Diabetes Federation reports that in 2012, out of the global population of reproductive-aged women, about 28 million had diabetes. It is recommended that women with diabetes who wish to get pregnant manage blood glucose levels before they start trying for a baby. Failing to monitor blood glucose levels, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, may increase the baby’s risk of having a birth defect to 30-40%. How Hormones … [Read more...]

How to Sleep Better During Pregnancy

Though the impending joy of motherhood can make pregnancy easier, for many women, regardless of that joy, pregnancy is difficult. While a woman’s body is made for pregnancy, it is does negate the fact that pregnancy can be extremely painful. From dealing with morning sickness to back pain to hormone changes to trouble sleeping, the 9 months or so a woman is pregnant can feel like a lifetime. Pregnancy often makes women more tired than they … [Read more...]


  Week 28! Congratulations! Your energy may be getting lower, but your excitement is surely building as you look forward to welcoming your baby—or babies!—in person. In the remaining weeks of your pregnancy, there are a number of things you can (and should) do to ensure that you are ready for the arrival of your demanding little bundle of joy. Plan a Baby Moon This is it, mama. Your last chance to get away for a long weekend … [Read more...]

Getting Pregnant Could Be in the Cards

Maybe you’re a woman in your 20’s looking to start a family early.  Maybe you’re a female in your 30’s or 40’s, perhaps getting a little later start on bring a child or two into the world.  For many women, giving birth is a relatively easy adventure.  Others, meantime, find it one of if not the most difficult things they will ever attempt in their lives.  If you fall in the latter category, know that there are options and hopes out there for you … [Read more...]

Aurorae Eye Mask #Review #Giveaway ENDS 7/30

I received an eye mask from Aurorae to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone. Have you ever seen the movie Matilda? If so, you have seen the eye mask (or sleeping mask) Matilda’s mother wears at night.  Have you ever tried one?  I have a friend who used one during her pregnancy and it did wonders for her. She has problems letting her brain “shut down” so it usually takes her hours to fall asleep.  If you have ever … [Read more...]

Preparing For Your First Child?

Preparing for your first child sounds extremely overwhelming because, well, it is.  You have so many things to consider! H ave you made your birth plan yet?  Do you know how you want to handle labor?  Will you labor at home or at the hospital?  Will you get the epidural or will you opt for a natural birth?  No matter what you decide, it will be the right decision for you!  There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to preparing for your … [Read more...]

Women’s Wellness Throughout Pregnancy

Congratulations!  You just found out that you are pregnant!  I’m sure your mind is running in a million different directions; will it be a boy or a girl?  What colors will the nursery be? Will I use cloth diapers or disposable diapers?  Those are all great questions to ask yourself, but you are forgetting a very important one: What can you do to take care of your health while pregnant?  Pregnant women are at risk for so many things such as … [Read more...]

Pregnant Mama’s Mother’s Day Giveaway ENDS 5/1

Adventures of My Family of 8 and Blog with Mom is happy to share this Advertise with Bloggers event with you! Pregnant Mama's Mother's Day Gift Package Are you an expecting Mama? Do you know someone who is? Well, let's not forget these exceptional ladies who are creating life within them, this Mother's Day!!! Everyone LOVES personalized gifts!  I know that when I was having my last child, I would have loved to have had this gift bundle.  I … [Read more...]

Things To Consider During Pregnancy

For pregnant mothers, it’s natural to want the best for their baby while taking care of their own selves.  There are few things that can be done to ensure optimal health for yourself and the baby.  However, don’t stress on every little complication and stick to these basic guidelines. Guidelines 1. Eat enough fat in your diet What? I should eat fats?  Yes, because during pregnancy, soluble vitamins present in this macro-nutrient are … [Read more...]

Do You Miss Being Pregnant?

Do you ever miss being pregnant?  My last pregnancy was over 6 years ago and I have to say that being pregnant was a very special time in my life, but I’m glad to be in this stage of life where my children are growing up and no more babies are on the way.  Since my children are six years apart, there are many things that the older one can do, that the younger one cannot.  This causes many problems and tears on an ongoing basis.  My oldest is … [Read more...] Is A Great Find!

Have you ever browsed  I thought this site would offer magazines for kids, but after I started reading it, I noticed that it offered fashion and beauty tips for women, and much more.  I found health tips, great craft ideas, and even recipes.  I love great cake ideas, you have to check out the colored sponge cake idea I found:  Birthday Cake Inspiration.  My kids love fun cakes and my boys would go nuts over all these colors in … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Prenatal Care Basics

I was offered a guest post from a mom blog reader covering the basics of prenatal care & since my youngest is now 6, I figured they would be more of an authority on this subject that I would.  Enjoy!!! The Basics of Prenatal Care For All Moms-To-Be Prenatal care is such an important aspect of pregnancy. It ensures a healthy progression of pregnancy, providing tips, support and health care to the expectant mother. Visits throughout … [Read more...]

Sign Up For Free Baby Stuff

Interested in free baby stuff, then I have found the site for you!  The above banner is sponsored by  It is free to join and offers many things for new parents, parents with toddlers and parents to be, such as free baby stuff.   I have listed a few available offers from their site: Stage Based Pregnancy and Baby Newsletters Free Diaper Samples and Coupons Free Formula Samples and Coupons Free Pregnancy and Baby … [Read more...]