Guest Post: 4 Reasons To Invest In San Antonio Real Estate

My husband and I own rental properties, so this guest post caught my interest when I found it in my inbox.  As of now, we only purchase homes within driving distance from our personal home, but in the future it would be adventurous to spread out a little.  San Antonio is close enough to us that we visit there a few times a year, so why not invest in their real estate if the prices are right.  Don't let past upheavals in the housing industry … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Can You Afford To Purchase An Investment Property?

My husband and I buy rental homes and have been looking to buy an additional one for the last few months.  Every time we find one that we are interested in, someone comes along and scoops it out from under us.  Our long term goal is to own enough properties where we can live off the monthly rental income, but we do not want to buy an additional home bad enough to overpay for one right now.  We are waiting for the "right home" to come along at the … [Read more...]