Priority Cleaning After An Illness

No amount of hand sanitizer or vitamins prevents your kids from falling ill. You can be the most careful, most diligent parent in the world, but one night a child will walk into your bedroom while you sleep soundly and promptly vomit all over the floor next to your bed. Fear not, mom and dad, that same child will then tell you that she already vomited in her bed, her hallway and once for good measure in the living room on her way into your room. … [Read more...]

Avoid Germs This Winter

With the cold weather moving in, have you decided how you are going to attempt to stay germ free this year?   There are a lot of different things you can do within your home to avoid germs as much as possible. Wipe down any and all surfaces with a clean paper towel that can be thrown away after using.  It is much better and more sanitary to use disposable paper towels instead of a sponge because sponges carry germs and absorb them.  Make sure … [Read more...]