Santa Can Be Organized Too

Santa Is “The Man.”  Does Santa have any method to his gift giving madness at your house?  I love the way Santa is organized when he pops out of our chimney.  His presents are always wrapped in “Santa” wrapping paper.  He even uses a different kind of wrapping paper for each kid.  He doesn’t even need gift tags because he sits each bundle of presents underneath each child’s stocking.  With color coated bundles, children of all ages can quickly … [Read more...]

Guest Post: Hide Gifts In Storage

Today I received the following guest post in my email and thought I'd share it with you - enjoy:) Playing Santa Next Year Made Easier For Moms Every Holiday Season, moms face numerous battles.  If getting everything on your kid’s wish lists and battling the shopping crowds isn’t enough to reap havoc on your mental health, than trying to find good hiding places around the house for those gifts will.  Kids will be kids. They will hunt the … [Read more...]

Personalized Letters From Santa Only $5.99

Look what I got from Birthday In A Box!  It is a personalized letter to me from Santa! This would be so much fun to receive in the mail.  It came in a HUGE red envelope, over 12 inches in length.  When I opened it, I found a personalized letter AND a personalized coloring book with my name on every page but one! There are three different designs and my boys received the Santa and Traditional Christmas letter/ coloring book … [Read more...]

Make Christmas Photo Ornaments A Tradition

Every year the kids and I visit Santa at the mall for pictures.  We take the wallet sized prints and put them inside photo Christmas ornaments.  We do this every year, so when we decorate our tree, we see all the pictures of the kids with Santa throughout the years.   Everyone loves these ornaments, so we make one for each child so they can have them when they have families of their own.  We also make one of these ornaments for the grandparents.  … [Read more...]

Did Santa Ever Write You?

Looking back to my childhood, I would have been overjoyed to have gotten a letter from Santa.  I always made him special cookies and sat out milk for him, actually I think we sat out Pepsi.  I wanted so bad to catch Santa in my living room when he was filling the stockings, good thing I never caught him!  I visited him at the Santa house in the Court Square every year and also sent letters to him through my school and the local paper.   I never … [Read more...]

Mall Pictures With Santa

If you visit the Mall Santa at the right time,  you won't have to stand in lines.  The best time to go to see Santa is when school is in session if you are able to do this.  If your kids are in school, then you need to go IMMEDIATELY after school.  Be prepared to change clothes in the car and fix hair in the mall bathroom.  If you can't get to the mall during these times, then be prepared to wait before getting your Christmas Pictures made.  … [Read more...]