School Project: Make A Kazoo

Bobby needed to make an item for school that didn't cost much money and was quick and easy to make.  Today everyone in the class will turn in their homemade items along with the instructions and the class will take a vote on their favorites.  The winning items will be made in bulk in their class and "sold" in a grade-wide sale. Bobby and I thought and thought about what he could do that would be appealing, quick and simple to reproduce.  Thank … [Read more...]

Re-Purpose Your Old Socks

My oldest is a sophomore this year and is on the basketball team.  He trains several hours a day and also goes through tons of socks throughout the year.  He is like me and doesn't like to throw things away, but enough is enough.  It's time to let go of those socks with the holes in the heels.  Getting rid of those socks makes me feel even better when I can re-purpose them.  I first got this idea at the begginning of the school year when his … [Read more...]

How To Teach Your Child To Open Their Locker

Do lockers intimidate your child?  It's that time again, time for school to start back up.  School has started back for many students and will continue to start back up for families over the next few weeks.  Will your child have a locker with a combination this year?  Are they a little nervous about this? Being a rush to get to class or get your things out before the bus takes off from school can be stressful.  Lockers can be intimidating … [Read more...]

Kids Are Back In School – Get Active!

Most of the kids have made it back to school from Summer Break and if not, they will be headed back soon.  If you are like me, you had to give up a few of your favorite activities over the Summer to make additional time for the kids and all the Summer activities that your kids had in mind for you.  After all, Summer time is a break away from school to enjoy friends and fun activities before having to get serious again during the upcoming school … [Read more...]

Get Organized For School Days

Summer is over for most and kids are back in school and there is plenty to do, so get yourself organized!  Here are a few things that we do the night before school in order to be prepared for the next day: Lay out clothes for the next day, even socks and shoes! Organize our backpacks and have them laying by the door. Get lunch boxes together, all but the frozen ice packs and final touches. Know what everyone would like for … [Read more...]

Back To School With Mabel’s Labels

I received a Stylish Scholars Combo pack from to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine and mine alone! Since I have two boys that could both use these these labels for school, I decided to go with our last name so that everyone could use them without any arguments.  The size of these labels is just perfect.  My boys do not like to use large stickers, as they believe stickers to be for younger children, so … [Read more...]

Teacher Appreciation Week At Our School

Teacher Appreciation Week at our school runs from May 5 through May 9.  Each day of the week is "assigned" a different Teacher Appreciation Activity.  As a teacher, this can be so much fun, but as a child whose parents don't participate, this can make for a horrible day.  Happily, there are a few items that kids can do on their own if their parent's do not have time to participate. Here's the Teacher Appreciation schedule for our … [Read more...]

Four Ways To Use Labels With Your Family

Do you use labels around the house?  I have a special drawer in the kitchen where I keep all my stickers and various labels.  My family is very active and I find myself using these labels on a regular basis.  Here are four of my favorite ways to use labels with my family. Use Labels For School My oldest son buys lunch at school, but during test week the kids are asked to bring their own lunches.  Since he is 13, he needs a plain label that … [Read more...]

Paw Print Accessories For School Mascott

My son's school mascot is a Panther and all their personalized school shirts and car magnets have paw prints on them.  There are many other elementary schools in our area that also show off paw prints on their school memorabilia, but their prints are shown in a different color than ours.  As a proud mom, I would like to wear my son's school paw print, but don't always care for the tee shirt designs that are sold at the school.  Today I found the … [Read more...]

4 Ways to Prepare Your Kids For The New School Year

The boys spent a few days at the beach knowing school will start before they know it. Although it still feels like the beginning of summer – and that the new school year is light-years away – August is here and September is soon to follow.  In order to prevent a crazy and hectic first week of school, take these tips to heart on how to prepare your kids (and yourself) for the start of school. Get their School Supplies August is school supply … [Read more...]