After School Activities For Kids

Do your children have after school activities?  If your children are old enough, do you stay with them and watch practice or do you run errands while they are with their coaches?  If it is my teen, I drop him off and pick him back up once practice is over.  Now that he is a sophomore and many of his teammates are now of driving age, it would be embarrassing for him if his mother sat in the stands and watched his practices.  For my third grade … [Read more...]

James Harden Basketball Pro Camp

My boys attended a few camps this past summer, but the James Harden ProCamp was by far my nine year old's favorite.  He loves watching the Houston Rockets play basketball so meeting James Harden was the perfect opportunity for him. Here's the man himself... James Harden of the Houston Rockets Basketball Team.  He attended the camp and interacted with the campers throughout the duration of the two day camp.  He even gave away his shoes on … [Read more...]

May 6 Houston Rockets Playoff Game Vs. LA Clippers

Our family was thrilled to be able to attend the May 6, 2015 Houston Rockets Playoffs Game vs. LA Clippers.  Here we are outside the Houston Rockets gates at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. Here's a view from the inside.  There were lots of people proudly wearing their Red Nation tee shirts.  The doors open at 7:00 which gives you time to walk around before the game, take pictures, visit the food stands and hang out in the special … [Read more...]

Infographic: Professional Athlete Salaries

Have you ever wondered about the ins and outs of male and female professional athlete salaries?  This was definitely a great infographic for me because my boys both talk about playing in the NBA each time they watch a professional game on television.  They have SO many questions and of course there's no way that I could ever answer all of them without a little research. You've probably already guessed that female athletes earn far less then … [Read more...]

High Competition Level At Our House

Both of our boys are very active in sports and are very competitive when it comes to their physical abilities.  They are always trying to see who is faster, who can do the most push-ups, who can hold a plank longer, etc.  Once the boys get going, it is a never ending competition in my house.  I am 5'8 and I have always been taller than my oldest son.  This past summer he began growing and he is now as tall as I am.  Every few days he wants to … [Read more...]

Six Minute Mile – Basketball Team Requirements

Travis is now a freshman in high school and has been working so hard in order to make it on the school basketball team since seventh grade.  This year he made it on the basketball team and practices with his team five days a week.  This week the coach told the basketball team that everyone had to run the mile in under six minutes in order to play.  Everyone that didn't make this time would continue to run the mile each day until they made it … [Read more...]

#Win MegaFold 4Pack Giveaway ENDED

My husband runs and he is offering a great giveaway for a Family Cheer pack of 4 MegaFold's from  Your kids will love using these megaphones at the game and if you use them, you'll be the loudest parent there!  Every time we go to a game, I leave with a sore throat, not anymore!  The next game, I'll be prepared.  I'll be the loudest one there and my voice will still be in tact when I leave the basketball … [Read more...]

Basketball Tournament Swag For Kids

Time for my son's basketball tournaments to kick off again.  He is in 8th grade and had three games this weekend.  The tournaments are a lot of fun for the family.  Since Travis has been playing basketball for several years, we always see a lot of kids and parents that we have known from past basketball teams and it is always great to catch up with them. I tried several times to get pictures during one of his basketball games, but the … [Read more...]

Guest Post Tips: Teach Kids to Love Exercise

Every adult knows that exercise is absolutely necessary to maintain good health, but health is something kids seldom think about. As a parent, it is important to cultivate in your kids the habits of exercising and being active. If exercise becomes a way of life for your kids, it will be much easier for them as adults to continue being active, and they will reap the benefits for the rest of their lives. Here’s how to teach your kids to love … [Read more...]

Basketball: Great Team Work Experience

There's nothing like attending a weekend basketball tournament.  My son is in 7th grade and enjoys playing in the basketball tournaments.  You can see him in the picture above shooting the ball.  This past weekend, his team played 4 different teams and had a great time.  Each game adds to their experience on the court. Is your child involved in team sports?  If not, I would encourage you to choose a sport and sign them up.  Everyone needs to … [Read more...]

Giveaway: SportyNames Personalized Prints – ENDED offers personalized sports prints for the NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA College teams and more.  The sports fanatic in your family will love a personalized professional locker room print with their name on the jersey hung alongside their favorite players.  How about a sports action print in the middle of a fast paced ballgame?  SportyNames also offers prints featuring golf, racing, kids soccer, family art, lovers art, Hollywood art, … [Read more...]