Tile Company Has Bathroom Issues

When a company brings in a new customer, it is important for them to make their customers feel at home.  When I go into a new store, I want to feel safe and welcome.  Today we went to pick up the flooring tile that we had ordered from a tile store in Houston, Texas.  The note that I found on the back of the bathroom door was just a little too much so I had to snap a shot so I could share it with you. So does this note make you want to … [Read more...]

Get Prepared To Start Riding Your Bike Again

If you haven't ridden your bike in awhile, remember that your bottom may be sore for the first few days of riding.  Make sure you get your bike ready for your rides.  Since school has started, it has been a treat for my 7 yr. old son to be able to ride to and from school with me on the trails.  We didn't do this last year because there are just too many bikers and walkers and I didn't think he was ready to manage a bike in that crowd.  This year … [Read more...]