It’s Spring Break This Week

Has Spring Break hit your house yet?  It's in full swing over here at our house.  We've played at several parks, swam in the pool, hit the video games, played basketball, washed cars, watched movies and just enjoyed the time away from school. Yes, the water was cold, but the boys were excited about the warm Texas weather.  So after they had enough of the cold water, they hopped in the hot tub to warm up a bit.  Thank goodness the previous … [Read more...]

Hotel Must-Haves With Kids

This past summer, we went to a basketball tournament with my teenage son's basketball team and stayed in a hotel in downtown Dallas.  Someone from the team locked down group rates for the parents, so we booked our room.  Once we got there, we realized that this was not the type of hotel that we had hoped for.  As a mom of a young child, we still look for "fun" hotels.  The parents that chose this hotel didn't have younger children and thought … [Read more...]

Vacation Options in Northeast Ohio :  Islands, Beaches & Metroparks

There are so many wonderful vacation options in Northeast Ohio so we've created multiple posts.  If you missed post one, just click "Find Northeast Ohio Vacation Options. Enjoy part two, Vacation Options in Northeast Ohio :  Islands, Beaches and Metroparks. Islands It is possible to have an “Island” experience in Northeast Ohio.  Lake Erie is home to many islands, but there are three islands that tourists in Northeast Ohio like to … [Read more...]

Find Northeast Ohio Vacation Options

Planning a Trip to Northeast Ohio Part 1: National Park, Market, Museums and Zoo Ohio might not be the first place that comes to mind when you’re thinking of vacation planning, but there are an abundance of activities to be enjoyed in Northeast Ohio.  Summer is the perfect time to visit because the weather is warm and there are many options for outdoor activities. Here are some ideas in Northeast Ohio to whet your appetite for this region … [Read more...]

Thinking About Moving To Florida?

Visiting Florida and basking in the sunshine is a much different experience than actually packing up and moving to the great sunshine state.  Sure, your business trip or family vacation went off without a hitch and you were able to enjoy some awesome places during your stay but there's more to living in the sunshine state than beaches and tourist attractions.  To prove it I've put together a list of reasons why you should pack up and commit to … [Read more...]

Orlando, Florida Must-See Sites

With over 1,200 miles of coastline, a plethora of amusement parks, some of the best fishing in the US and an endless array of family-friendly destinations to choose from, it's no wonder Florida is on the top ten most popular tourist destinations of the US list.  Although Florida is home to some big draws for it's tourist population, Orlando is among 3 of the top tourist visited cities in the entire state which makes it home to some of the best … [Read more...]

4 Places for Kids to Have a Blast in Chicago

The third-largest city in America and the crossroad of the Midwest, Chicago is hailed as one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  If you're traveling with kids to the Windy City, these four family-friendly Chicago destinations are sure to blow everyone away. Lincoln Park Zoo Only a few blocks north of downtown Chicago lies an urban oasis full of jungles, rainforests, and savannahs home to hundreds of exotic animals.  A quintessential … [Read more...]

4 Top Family Friendly Things to Do in San Francisco

  Are you headed to San Francisco for your next family vacation?  There are tons of great things to do that will keep everyone in the family entertained.  From hikes to attractions, it's not difficult to find family-friendly activities in a city the size of San Francisco. Tour the Chocolate Factory When you're in the city with the kids, make sure you get them sugared up by heading to the TCHO chocolate factory.  The factory offers … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Make a Honolulu Vacation Affordable

Are you considering a trip soon, what about one to paradise?  Vacationing in Honolulu doesn't have to mean spending a ton of money.  In fact, with a little planning and preparation your vacation can be quite affordable. Image via Flickr by snowpeak   Here are five ways to make your Honolulu vacation affordable: Stay During the Off-season Like any place you visit, Honolulu has a peak season, as well as a time when airfare and hotel … [Read more...]

Travel on a Shoestring: Five Tips to Plan a Budget Trip to Monterey

Have you ever looked at a City Guide for Monterey, California?  I have never been to California, but would really like to visit one day.  Enjoy the following info, it should really come in handy if you plan on visiting this area. Magnificent Monterey is perched on the Pacific Coast, and it is home to beautiful beaches, rich Hispanic heritage, world-class restaurants, and the 6th largest aquarium in the world.  Throw in a temperate all-year … [Read more...]

My Trip To Niagra Falls in Ontario, Canada

My husband and I recently visited Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada while in staying in Toronto for a book signing event for my husband's book:  An Average Joe's Pursuit For Financial Freedom.  Here's a view of the street from the sidewalk when we were on our way to view Niagara Falls. There were so many great restaurants and shops to visit.  We didn't have much time to spend away from our book signing event, but we were able to take a half a day … [Read more...]

Three Cruise Vacation Luxuries

Taking a cruise is not just about getting away from it all, it is also about transporting yourself to an exciting mini-city that offers great fun and magical entertainment 24/7. Mediterranean cruises are perfect for those who want to experience captivating geographical attractions and breath-taking sights on board an elegant ship; and when it comes to exploring ports of call.  Have you had the luxury of taking a cruise?  I have not been a cruise … [Read more...]

Brought Back 8 Pounds From Vacation

Have you been able to go away on vacation?  We went home to visit family for a week and I brought eight pounds with me back home to Texas.  I knew I was gaining weight while I was away, but I did the best that I could considering all the food that I ate while I was gone: 4 dozen donuts which were bought on two different donut runs Special fudge from Holiday World Chocolate Bundt Cake Lemon Bundt Cake Blackberry Cobbler Huge … [Read more...]

Bobby Is Dreaming about Lapland

My eight year old had been looking forward to visiting family in Kentucky this summer because he was secretly planning on asking the grandparents to take him to Holiday World. It is located in Santa Claus, Indiana and close enough to his Grandparent's home where we could easily head over there for a day of fun.  Holiday World has large rides as well as its' own water park and Bobby couldn't wait to get there.  Since it is located in Santa Claus, … [Read more...]

I Stay Out Of Galveston Beach Waters

We live close enough to Galveston Beach that we can leave early in the morning and make a day out of it.  It would be great to get a hotel and spend the weekend, but to cut down on costs, we bite the bullet and drive back home on the same day.  There are many fun Surf shops to visit , restaurants and of course, the beach.  The Galveston Beach isn't as clean as the Florida beaches I remember vacationing at as a young adult, but you still have the … [Read more...]

Kill The Summer Heat With A Cool Vacation

Traveling to unknown places, exploring the wilderness, lazing and eating the sun at the beaches, running with your kids at the theme park and adventure land, this all is the benefit of going on a luxurious vacation, and for that think of none other than cool summer vacations.  Escaping from the scorching heat of summer and playing in the sand dunes of Florida, is the best thing a person can dream of while thinking of a … [Read more...]