Give Cellulite the Rub off

What woman likes having excess fat as part of her body composition? The answer to that question is likely very few. That said cellulite can be one of the biggest battles a woman faces during her lifetime, especially as she ages and does not participate in as much activities and/or exercise in many cases. So, is there a way to truly give cellulite the rub off? Research and Learn For those women in search of ridding themselves of as much … [Read more...]

Are Your Shorts Tight? — Mine Are!

I let my guard down on my food intake and here I am, living in Texas with warm weather upon me and last year's shorts too tight to wear in public.  Does this sound familiar?  Has it happened to you?  If so, it's ok, we've still got time to gain control of our food intake, drink more water and get moving in order to burn more calories.  I sell Advocare and know exactly how to drop this weight, now I just have to DO IT! Since I really want to be … [Read more...]

Tips For Fitbit Users

I am addicted to wearing my Fitbit.  I have owned the Flex and the Charge models and am sold on the Charge since I find the band to be more reliable than that of the Flex model.  Several times while wearing the Flex, my band snapped off, but my Fitbit Charge band always stays in place and on my arm. Charging The Fitbit I have a Fitbit charger in my bathroom and I charge my Fitbit each time I get into the shower.  That keeps me from wearing … [Read more...]

Need Weight Loss Motivation?

Are you looking for weight loss motivation? Do you want to work out but need a little help getting started?  Are you a competitive person?  If so, I suggest that you look into the Fitbit step tracking bracelet.  This bracelet counts your steps and allows you to challenge other Fitbit users to a daily challenge, a weekday challenge, a weekend challenge and a goal day challenge.  Each challenge can hold up to ten people and each Fitbit user can be … [Read more...]

Dreaming Of Pecan Pie

Do you ever wake to find that you have been dreaming about food?  One morning, I woke up from a dream about all the Pecan Pie I had eaten.  In my dream, I could hear my husband telling me that I had worked so hard to drop weight, so did I really want to ruin all my hard work by eating so much pie at one time.  In my dream, I kept telling him, I am going to eat the last peice of pie, then I will be done.  I had eaten about half of the pie at that … [Read more...]

Drop Those Added Holiday Pounds

Did you eat too much over the holiday break?  Have you started cutting back on food intake in order to get your pre-holiday figure back?  Do you have a gym membership but are embarrassed about going back to the gym because you allowed yourself to gain so much over the break? So many times, people are embarrassed about going back to the gym while they are still packing the extra pounds they gained over the holiday.  I can completely understand … [Read more...]

Kiqplan Personalized Fitness / Training App Review

I received these personalized fitness apps shown in the image below from to use in facilitating my review.  All opinions are mine alone. Kiqplan is a personalized fitness app that comes with a digital coach, motivating tips and noutritional info. that syncs up with many activity trackers, fitness apps and smartphones.  I don't go anywhere without my Fitbit band, so when Kiqplan approached me about their app that worked hand … [Read more...]

Helpful or Harmful: Juice Cleanse

I have always heard positive things about juice cleanses until recently.  Juice cleanses can actually have some negative effects on your body: Mood Swings:   Without the carbs, fat and protein your body needs to make the neurotransmitters that keep you even-keeled, anticipate some irritability.  That is usually the last thing I want to happen while trying to lose weight. Muscle Shrinkage: Your body does not know it is missing out on … [Read more...]

Starting & Sticking To A Workout Routine Part 2

Remember part 1? Well this is part 2! Let’s get started!  We talked about 7 tips to help you start and stick to a workout routine in part 1. Here are 7 more tips to keep you on track: Get your family involved.  Both my kids love to workout and go on bike rides with their dad.  Working out is more fun when you have a partner and this is really a must if you plan to workout throughout the summer if you have children that are home with you. … [Read more...]

Starting & Sticking With A Workout Routine (Part 1)

It can be really hard to stick to your workout routine, especially when you are just starting out.  Sometimes we get too sore or too tired and we decide to skip a day.  Well, before you know it you have skipped 3 days in a row and then decided to quit all together.  I have 14 tips that will help you to start and stick with your workout routine.  This is part 1. Part 2 will come later on. One of the best tips I have ever received is to throw … [Read more...]

Advocare 10 Day Group Cleanse Started 6/1

I am an Advocare Advisor and have always wanted to try the 10 Day Herbal Cleanse but have been holding out for the flavorless fiber and now it's here, so I rounded up four friends who were up for a challenge.  We set up a group text message and chose a great start date that worked well for everyone.  We all ordered our herbal cleanse system and made sure to take time to read the directions and get to the grocery before we all … [Read more...]

How To Lose Your Post Pregnancy Pounds

If you have just had a baby or run into an old friend that you have not seen for a while, it can often lead to someone asking when is your baby due?  Despite the fact that you have already become a mother.  This can be quite embarrassing and upsetting given the situation. Doctors often label the six-week period immediately after giving birth as the fourth trimester, simply because your body is still displaying signs of change and you will … [Read more...]

Cucumber Salad Recipe

Watching your weight can be very tough, but if you use the right types of foods, this becomes much easier.  Here's a great salad that can be quickly made at home that will be a great addition to your meal plan. Cucumber Salad           2 cucumbers sliced 1 bell pepper coarsely chopped 1 carton cherry tomatoes cut in half              Fat free Zesty Italian dressing 1 sweet onion coarsely chopped Mix altogether with fat free Zesty … [Read more...]

5 Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight

We’d all love to have the perfect figure and to feel fit and healthy, but losing weight can be a real struggle.  If you’ve been unsuccessful so far in your weight loss journey, you might be wondering where exactly you’ve gone wrong.  To help you get to the root of your weight loss problems, here are five possible reasons why you’re struggling to get in shape. 1) You’re skipping meals The best way to slim down is to reduce the number of … [Read more...]

Enjoy Restaurant With Your Family Without High Calories

Yes, you can do it! When your family goes out to eat all the time, it is hard to resist your favorites, but it isn't good for you if you are trying to drop or maintain your weight.  I started bringing meal replacement bars in restaurants with me about a year ago.  When I first started, my family wasn't too happy with me as they wanted me to enjoy the same meals as they were enjoying when we stopped at our favorite restaurants.  Now they … [Read more...]

Beef Lite Crockpot Recipe

Are you looking for a great tasting, easy, light recipe that your whole family will love?  Then look no more, this recipe is a keeper and my whole family enjoys it every time it is served.  I took this recipe from the Fix It and Forget It Lightly Slow Cooker recipe book by Phyllis Pellman Good.  It is the only cookbook that I use on a regular basis.  Below you will see the recipe as it looks in my Fix It and Forget It Lightly recipe book.  Each … [Read more...]